Why Choose TruJuLo for your next Film, TV or Media Project?

TruJuLo produces high quality and inclusive film, TV and media for brands, companies, studios and government institutions.

Celebrated Video Productions

TruJuLo projects have earned accolades at prestigious film festivals and media events worldwide. Our substantial social media following includes verified celebrity accounts, a testament to the resonance of our work.

White House Recognized Excellence

Our Inclusion Rider was hailed as a 'seminal legal document' by President Joe Biden's White House. This recognition underscores our profound impact on shaping a more inclusive media landscape.

Leading the Inclusivity Movement

Our co-authorship of the Inclusion Rider, a pivotal document endorsed by industry giants such as Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Michael B. Jordan, The Grammys, and New York Fashion Week, showcases our commitment to producing inclusive film, TV and media.

We are committed to bringing diversity and representation to every project we touch. Through collaboration with influential players in film, TV, and media, we drive forward the cause of inclusive hiring and storytelling.

Free Download: Inclusion Rider Implementation + Resource Guide

Enter your email address and industry and get a free copy of the Inclusion Rider Policy Implementation + Resource Guide to help you bring diversity and representation to your next project.

Bonus: Inclusive Hiring & Storytelling Consultation

As an added bonus, receive an invitation to participate in an Inclusive Hiring & Storytelling consultation to discuss your next project with us.

Yes! I'm ready to learn and implement the same Inclusive Hiring & Storytelling practices used in Hollywood's billion dollar industry in my next video production.

Experience the TruJuLo Difference

 Our track record: Every project we've undertaken is a testament to our commitment to producing culturally sensitive and inclusive content.

Our portfolio: We believe that our work speaks louder than words. That's why we let our portfolio do the talking.

Powerful Partnerships

Our Powerful Partnerships reflect our dedication to transformative storytelling. By collaborating with forward-thinking organizations in the industry, we're actively shaping the narrative towards a more diverse and representative future.

Impactful Speaking, Consulting, and Facilitating Services

Guidance through experience: Leverage our expertise in guiding your C-suite, ERGs, admin, staff or production to build a work environment that is equitable, inclusive and where everyone feels they belong.

Proven track record: we’ve brought our keynotes, presentations and workshops to notable venues like the University of Michigan Ross School of Business and School of Education, the Kellogg Foundation, AMC Networks, and Henry Street Settlement.

Start Your Journey with TruJuLo Today

Share your vision: Contact us today to schedule a consultation call and share some details about your project. 

BONUS Inclusion Guide: Get a free copy of the Inclusion Rider template (and a free ½ hour Inclusion Rider consultation) as part of our commitment to fostering inclusivity.

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