Our Logo

Our logo is made up of the Adinkra symbols for truth, justice and love. The overall symbol is one of the Adinkra signs representing JUSTICE. On the left side in the background of the green area is the Adinkra symbol for LOVE. On the right side inside the red area is the Adinkra symbol for TRUTH.

The green arrow on the left symbolizes the importance of telling the truth about past historical events in order to understand where our justice work should be focused. The right arrow in red symbolizes love in the order of ‘truth, justice, love’ and has love pointing us in a forward direction.

The colors incorporate the pan-African flag, with yellow incorporating the Jamaican flag. TruJuLo President, Fanshen Cox, has family from Jamaica, and is especially dedicated to broadening the stories told about Black people and the African diaspora. She also has family from Denmark and the Blackfeet tribe – both of which have had limited representation in entertainment and media portrayals.

The logo was created by Fanshen’s best friend’s son, Isaiah Montgomery.

© 2023 TruJuLo Productions. All rights reserved. 

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